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By enabling information chunking in stackable and expandable lists, Accordion gives students a presentation option for their research and knowledge in such projects as

  • question-and-answer (e.g. FAQ) lists,
  • short reports in subtitled sections, or
  • li...
Lab Results Gallery

Pie charts and bar graphs communicate information quickly and easily, and with Chart, students can record, compare, and display

  • simple lab experiment results in introductory science courses,
  • survey data from existing or original instruments, or
  • researched components ...
Architecture Gallery

When students use their own images to share their perspectives, they increase the sense of community in the online classroom. Students likely can upload images directly to an LMS; however, using H5P ensures consistency among image sizes and ...

History Gallery

Many H5P content types for presentation and interactivity can be combined in a single presentation with Column. Recommended as a research paper supplement or stand-alone assignment for class presentations, students can

  • summarize research for classmates,
  • curate...
Research Presentation Gallery

An alternative to PowerPoint, H5P's Course Presentation gives students the opportunity to present to each other with the additional option of interactivity. With this content type, students might

  • persuade an audience, ask questions, and gain their ...
Skeletal System Gallery

Being able to accurately associate objects, people, and places with principles, vocabulary, and theory is foundational to advanced work in every discipline, and images provide an alternative way to practice these skills. With Image Hotspots, students can ...

Author Gallery

Timelines allow students to chronologically organize information to study and reflect on it in its context. With H5P Timeline, students can organize, identify, discover, display, and analyze

  • historical progression of events, processes, or proceedings,
  • milestones ...