This course serves as an introduction to Spanish, with a focus on student involvement in learning the vocabulary and grammar necessary for purposeful communication. Built upon one of the best selling textbooks on the subject, Dicho y Hecho, this course features knowledge from Spanish education experts Laila Dawson, Silvia Sobral, and Kim Potowski, as well as multimedia resources to compliment any instructor's teaching style.

This course is designed to introduce students to the task of ethical reflection. Students will learn in our ethical analysis to identify the agents, the actions, and the consequences, each playing a part in decision-making. Students will see that the person making the decision is not independent, but depends upon a community, whose language affects the person's perception of the world. Here we address questions of virtue and character. Then we will consider actions and their consequences as we approach rule-based and goal-based understandings of ethics.

The development of the art of theatrical presentation is traced from antiquity to the modern stage. Representative plays are studied in order to gain insight concerning historical and artistic values.