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null Curriculum Services Overview

Here you will find the details of the Curriculum services we offer. These materials are intended to help you understand our processes and practices.

null Course Development Resources

Here you will find all the resources you need to build an online course, from accessibility and copyright compliance to best practices grounded in research.

null Course Development Templates

Here you will find resources to help you structure the course development process, including templates for crafting interactive media pieces and Moodle activities.

null Course Format Options

Here you can review the formatting options for you online course. Do you have an idea for how you want your course to flow? Do you want to add some variety to the online classroom? Take a look here for ideas on how to ensure your course fits your unique vision.

null Interactive Media Options

Here you will find working examples of interactive media pieces we have created in the past. Click on a discipline and browse our media library for resources that fit your course.

null Course Quality Review

Here you can learn more about how we assess the quality of online courses.

Learning House Library

Take a look at complete courses Learning House has developed. You can opt to use one of these courses or even take a few resources out of one or more.

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